25th Londons at Dagshai

Hello everyone,

I have received an email from an Indian gentleman, see below. Comments welcome.

NB – My email address for Amanda Stacey (re. Percy Chisnall) is out of date. If anyone knows her email or if you read this Amanda please contact me.



My wife and I live in a small Indian Army Cantonment called DAGSHAI, in the Himalayas
just off the highway running up to the old summer capital of SIMLA.

We have been extremely active the past few years in curating a Museum in the old
and famous (because of the mutiny of the Irish soldiers from the Connaught Regiment) Garrison Jail in our little Dagshai. You can find more information on the website:


The museum, in addition to the now cleaned up prison cells, also has photos, exhibits etc.
relating to the history of Dagshai and the surrounding areas, especially those relating to
the various army units that have been stationed in Dagshai since its founding in 1850 by
LORD NAPIER OF MAGDALA (whose portrait is one of the exhibits).

We have been successful in getting exhibits, copies of archive photographs and other
militaria from several different sources  and as a result we have now added more space
in the museum.

DAGSHAI according to my records has had two CYCLE UNITS stationed there viz. the
25th County of London and the 1/9th Hampshire.

While researching the 25th C.O.L. I came across the delightful photographs in Percy  Chisnall’s Album including one of the part of Dagshai Hill where we now have our house, and a few of the DAGSHAI ENTERTAINERS in parts of Dagshai that are still in existence.

I am therefore writing to you to:

1) Seek your help and permission to use copies of a few of these photographs in the museum.

2) Seek your permission to quote material from your website (with full acknowledgements) on poasters in the museum as also a small piece on Cycle Regiments based in the area for a local news paper.

3) Seek your help to obtain any small militaria / memorabilia related to the 25th C.O.L.,
which will be then placed in the exhibits room of the museum.

My wife and I are also actively involved in getting the local Cemeteries cleaned up and repaired. We have started the process of noting details on as many head stones and other inscriptions on the numerous graves, as are possible. We will then circulate this to the associations / museums of the various units that were based here in the past. Should any relatives or friends of these people have a request to place flowers or seek other details, we would be delighted to be of any assistance that we can provide.

I eagerly look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Anand Sethi

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