25th Londons at Dagshai

Hello everyone,

A follow up to my previous blog re. Dagshai.

Thanks to those who gave permission for Anand to use photos for his web site
The Dagshai Jail Museum.

Anand has replied with the following :-


I have now discussed these with the local Commanding Officer and here is the plan of action.

The Dagshai Photos will go to the Dagshai Jail Museum. A special section of one wall will be dedicated to these photographs.

The Simla pictures will go the Department of Culture, Govt. of Himachal Pradesh for putting up in the famous Gaiety Theatre (which still operates).

Some of the Jutogh pictures will go to the Officers Mess of the Army Unit currently in Jutogh.

All photos will be duly acknowledged

I will then do a short piece on the Cycle Regiments and their stints in Dagshai and along with a photograph of the insignia of the Hampshires on a rock face in Dagshai and one of yours  will go for publication in the ‘Indian Express’, one of the country’s leading

We just cannot let this part of history be forgotten.



Anand will keep me posted re. developments. It is good to see an acknowledgment of the history of the 25th Londons in India being recognised by the Indians themselves.

regards Simon

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