Dagshai Jail Museum

Recently I mentioned that Anand of the Dagshai Jail Museum was interested in displaying photos and memorabilia of the 25th Londons.

Anand has now posted photos of the museum to date as follows. Keep in mind that it is a new project and that the museum is still a little bare.

My thanks to those who contributed the photos.

This exercise also turned out to be a lucky break for me. My g-grandfather is buried in the Sewri Christian Cemetery in Mumbai (Bombay). He died there in 1911 of Typhoid whilst working for the Bombay, Baroda and Central India Railway Co. I asked Anand if he ever went to Mumbai and as it turned out he was going there for a wedding, and kindly took the time to visit the cemetery and photograph my g-grandfather’s grave and the burial book entry for me.




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