25th Londons on the Antiques Roadshow

The following image is taken from the BBC’s Antiques Roadshow World War One Special edition which aired on UK TV on the 2nd of November. One of the items was about Charles Davis of the 25th Londons.

AntiquesRoadshowThe program is still available to view on the BBC iplayer until the 2nd of December at the following link :
Antiques Roadshow Series 38 – 8

The part featuring the 25th begins at the 48:14 minute mark.

You can see the website page for Charles Davis at :

[Acknowledgements to the BBC and The Antiques Roadshow]

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  1. Arthur Deeks says:

    What an amazing few weeks, there was the Transport Museum recruiting poster copy, a mug amd fridge magnet just in time for Christmas, the Antiques Roadshow and finally the ‘As Best We Can’ novel – not to be missed.

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