Search the 25th London Bn. website

I have added a search function to the 25th London Bn. website. A link has been added to the home page :-
or you can access the search function direct at :-

The benefit of adding the search function is to make sure that you have found all instances of a soldier or place etc. that is on the website.

The search function supports wildcards ‘*’ or ‘?’ which can be used to pick up mis-spellings etc. e.g. search for ‘Chis*ll’ will pick up both Chisnell and Chisnall. Interestingly this search does indeed pickup multiple pages with both spellings. I am unsure whether I have made the mistake or other authors have.

Also words can be excluded by including a minus sign in front of the word e.g. if Russell wanted to search for ‘Ridout’ but wanted to exlude those pages where his own name appears as a contributor he would search for ‘Ridout -Russell’.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries.


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  1. Arthur Deeks says:

    Seasons Greetings Simon, thanks for all your wonderful work. What a year end, Antiques Roadshow, a Mug, Fridge Magnet, and the recruiting poster (which is being framed as I write). Best of all Tessa Wests novel, ‘As best we can’ which so resonated with me. Thanks again. Arthur Deeks

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