25th London Cyclist Bn article in Family Tree magazine

An article featuring Private John (Jack) Colin SPROSTON has been published in the August edition of Family Tree Magazine. Jack Sproston died on the 20th of October 1918 at Tank, Waziristan, of pneumonia coming after influenza.

The article is titled “Nel’s lost twin” :-
“Nel Leadbetter passed away in 1988 knowing little of how her twin brother Jack died in World War I. Now her grandson David R Roberts has finally filled in the gaps after unearthing a wealth of detail online, allowing Nel’s family to honour her lost brother’s memory at long last”sprostonThe August issue of the magazine is still on sale but will be shortly replaced by the Sept. issue, so I would suggest a quick visit to your local newsagent if you wish to buy a copy. It is also available online :-

FTcoverMy thanks to David Roberts and Russell Ridout.
Acknowledgements to Family Tree magazine.

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2 Responses to 25th London Cyclist Bn article in Family Tree magazine

  1. Arthur Deeks says:

    Managed to obtain the last copy of the August issue of Family Tree, excellent article I just wish Ihad known years ago as I live in the Trent Valley area of Staffordshire. Thanks Simon for all your hard work, what a year (or two!). ‘As best we can’, and the recruiting poster and mug. I can only think how proud my father would have been.

  2. David Roberts says:

    Thank you for the comments about my article, Arthur. It was my second cousin, Colin John Sproston (who was named after Jack) who first put me on to Simon’s website and he has also sent copies of various documents for inclusion there (including, I think, the letter from Jack’s CO which the magazine included with the article). Unlike myself, Colin still lives in the Stafford area so I should think you and he are at least relatively close neighbours.

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