The Battalion’s 1916 Christmas Card

Recently a new item surfaced on Ebay, the battalion’s 1916 Christmas card, which no doubt will be added to Russell’s collection. I thought initially the artist would be Edgard Phillips who penned a number of drawings whilst in India. However it appears that both drawings are signed “AGC”. I scanned the “C” soldiers and there were three with those initials :-
CONGDON, Archibald G.;   CONSTANTINE, A. George;   COURT, Alfred G.



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  1. Nork Books - Wendy Henningsson says:

    Hello Simon

    Good to hear abut a new addition to the history of the 25th London Coy. Interesting if you can find the artist from the initials; but I can see it is drawn in a different style from that of my father.

    Regards, Wendy

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