25th London Bn. on the BBC

This week the 25th County of London Cyclist Battalion featured on the BBC program “Inside the factory : Bicycles” (Series 2, no.4). At the 24 minute mark several photos from the 25th London Bn. website were used, including two in which my grandfather appeared, not surprisingly as they were from his photo album. The 25th Londons are also acknowledged in the end credits. This is one of the featured photographs, my grandfather the 5th from the right.


The show is still available to view for UK residents on the BBC iPlayer website at :-
It is also available to view on the BBC iPlayer apps for ipad & android (tablet & phone).

Apart from the short section on the use of bicycles in the military, the show as a whole is interesting  and worth watching.



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  1. arthurdeeks says:

    Thanks Simon, really appreciate all these titbits of information, originally missed the programme. Loved the photograph, I always looked eagerly at photographs of 25th men but sadly I never recognised my father – I envy you, perhaps one day. Thanks again – keep up the good work. Arthur Deeks

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