New book – Dreams and Realities

Based on a True Story

DREAMS AND REALITIES by Jonathan L. Trapman

Jonathan Trapman presents an epic journey within this heptalogy (series of 7) and dynastic tale taking its starting point from a true story his forebear initiated, some 230 years ago. An action changing the course of history.

Through the lens of seven individual journeys, truths, realities and all kinds of deception are revealed. The hero in each confronts the very tenet upon which humanity’s journey is mapped out upon.

Moving through time, space and beyond what we believe we know, clues as to what lies behind our existence and its purpose are discovered. The key, the quest of many, awaits a master locksmith on the road to freedom.

See the real life of Capt. Albert Henry William TRAPMANN / TRAPMAN  former Capt. / Adjutant with the 26th Middlesex and then the 25th London (Cyclists) Battalion.

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