Cyclist Battalions (1914-1918)

Following on from the last blog about the WW1 Cyclists Memorial, is a short film (1m33s) from 1950 :-
Anniversary Service At Cyclist’s War Memorial (1950)

There is also a short BBC audio recording (5m10s) :-
National Cycling Memorial, Meriden: Remembering Fallen Cyclists

Meriden was chosen as the location of the Cyclists Memorial at Meriden as it claims to be the centre or heart of England, although a number of other places also make this claim depending on how it is calculated.


There were 14 British cyclist battalions in the First World war. There are a number of  short films about military cyclists, not only from WW1, but also including other countries. The Japanese used bicycles very effectively in the fall of Singapore in WW2, one Japanese officer quoted as saying “that the conquest of Malaysia was made easy by expensive British roads and cheap Japanese bicycles”. Perhaps the British could have learnt from them in WW1 as the bicycle battalions were not used as they could have been :-
More Cyclist Battalion films

Russell Ridout
Blood, Tears and Folly: An Objective Look at World War II By Len Deighton


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